Vesper represents an electronic step that meets all the needs of modern transportation. Due to a raised awareness of global warming, we are on the edge of some big changes regarding urban mobility. Cars are becoming more and more outdated. 

This is where Vesper, an eco friendly alternative, comes in. It reaches up to 18 km per hour and uses kinetic energy. The revolutionary scooter takes you to all your appointments on time without having to endure the daily traffic hustle. By being efficient, ecological and comfortable, Vesper takes mobility to the next level.

Nightingale was responsible for the launch of this innovative electric mobility scooter. Next to the introduction of Vesper to the Belgian press & lifestyle media, Nightingale was responsible for the development of the brand story, the general branding, the conceptualization of the photoshoot and the production of an exclusive video. 

A new wave of city transport