Vintense "Ice on Top" 0,0% Rooftop Bar

A mysterious tranquille oasis looking over the sunny side of Antwerp.

To promote their Americano Spritz, Bellini and Hugo mocktails as the next apéro drink of this summer, Vintense Ice called on Nightingale to create an activation concept that would bring the cocktails to life in an immersive and fun way. This resulted in a secret rooftop bar located at the then-undisclosed rooftop bar on top of the YUST building. Nightingale not only conceived the concept, but was also responsible for the production, communications and social strategy behind the event.

Through secret tips, consumers were able to find the entrance to the Vintense "Ice On Top" rooftop bar by following the signature blue markings on the floor near the YUST building. As they found the elevators, a host would grant them access to the secret roof terrace. Overgrown with vines and decorated with different references to different tastes, DJ Kajan Chow offered the perfect background music as the bar served refreshing, tasteful non-alcoholic drinks throughout the evening. 

Rooftop Bar in the Middle of Antwerp-Berchem
By transforming the rooftop bar at YUST into the perfect apéro bar, Nightingale was able to tell the story behind Vintense Ice in a surprising way. The flavors of the mocktails were all translated into the scenery.
The hidden, secret gateway to the "Ice on Top" rooftop bar was hidden in plain sight: right in the lobby of the YUST hotel. By following the signature blue street signage hidden nearby the location, those in search for the rooftop bar would easily find it with a bit of effort.
Press & Influencer launch
Before the official opening of this rooftop activation for consumers, the bar was opened for one night only as a preview to press and influencers. Here, different finger foods were served as more information was included about the innovative de-alcoholization process that retains the complex flavors found in wine, but are often missing from their non-alcoholic counterparts.
Consumer Weekend
After the initial opening night for press & influencers, the "Ice On Top" rooftop bar opened its doors to consumers for one weekend, ensuring everyone to blow off some steam - sans the nasty hangover that normally occurs the morning after.
Live Performance by DJ Kajan Chow
Dutch DJ Kajan Chow - known for playing at prestige locations like The Jane - played a 2 hour live set during the opening weekend, creating the soundtrack for the perfect summer.