A creative lab disguised as a retail shop

ZooMoon is a one-stop-shop in the bustling South of Antwerp, which opened in 2016. The collection they’re offering is a mix of exclusive underground brands of various price ranges and styles for boys and young men. But ZooMoon is also an all-round hub where young people get the chance to brainstorm, inspire and create in the ‘zoom labs’.="http:>

In addition to finding everything you need in one store, ZooMoon also organizes regular labs around 3D printing and t-shirts printing. The back wall of the store - covered with a custom made artwork by artist Steve Locatelli - aligns perfectly with that line of thought by stimulating the creativity of young people.

The interior of ZooMoon was designed by Nightingale, which resulted in a distinct industrial look with hard materials such as wood, concrete, plastic and iron. In addition, Nightingale was in charge of the development of the logo, the store launch and the all-round communication. 

“A one-stop-shop with exclusive underground brands for boys and young men”