Esthetics meet performance, Nightingale on an international level

22.10.2020 posted in News

Nightingale has news for you. The agency that designs and launches brands, has signed a number of international campaigns. These would not have come about without making a few crystal clear decisions. “Behind pretty pictures, there need to be numbers.”


From communications agency to 360° agency


At heart, Nightingale, founded by Stijn Nachtergaele, is a communications and PR agency. “Over the years we’ve started to build brands up from scratch. We kickstart their branding and take them through the entire communications process.” as per Chief Visionary officer Nachtergaele.


“In times where everyone is going online, having your own identity with a clean branding and design is more important than ever.” he continues. “Lots of content agencies rely on the same grid for all of their clients. This many posts and this many stories on Instagram over and over again. That flattens out the story lines and makes everything look alike. The fashion industry is a prime example of that. When you compare brands, there’s not much distinctiveness about them. The brands that do stand out, they have a very strong DNA.”


Nachtergaele is convinced that Nightingale can make a difference in this. “We have all the skills to build a brand from A to Z. Because we also take on the entire branding process, we can run it like a thread through the entire process. We design a tailor-made strategy and branding for each and every one of our clients. We incorporate renewing and surprising elements every time. The journey from branding to communications runs a lot more smoothly this way.”

“The brands that do stand out, they have a very strong DNA.”

Nightingale chooses to take on a more profound approach. “Everyone can design and create a logo, but we even have our own handmade fonts. That’s how we successfully put RectoVerso Sports, Kaai bags, Her. and ARTUUR watches on the market.




At the beginning of 2019 PR and Communications talent, Mathias Heinrichs, joined Nightingale as a partner. Taking him on board enforced Nightingale’s vision of esthetics, top notch imagery and “the story that makes sense”. “But behind beautiful pictures, there need to be numbers”, thus Nightingale. That’s why the agency took on Tom Verschuere, a marketing strategist with a background in digital who has worked for/with a.o. De Rode Duivels, BMW,  Nike and Van de Velde Lingerie.


“Tom is focusing on performance and numbers. What do those stunning visuals bring about? What is their impact? We know something works because Tom makes it measurable.”




By focusing on branding from A to Z and exposure and by combining esthetics and performance, Nightingale was able to successfully obtain a number of international brands.


” When they saw our work for C.P. Company, FGF Group approached us”, tells Nachtergaele. Nightingale is drawing out global campaigns for premium fashion brands Ten c and Blauer USA. Belgian brand Komono on the other hand came knocking on Nightingale’s door to develop a social media and content strategy. “We are looking forward to this extensive journey”, concludes Nachtergaele.