Antwerp, Belgium - 13.10.2016

Arte Antwerp FW16 Port d'Anvers

The balance between aesthetics and clear-cut simplicity

Always trying to find a balance between delivering aesthetics and clear-cut simplicity, Arte Antwerp kept its FW16 collection practical cool. Once again inspired by the city, the brand's designer Bertony Da Silva went further and got inspired by what makes his hometown special: having one of the biggest ports in Europe. 

Inspired by the port, Arte Antwerp looked into workwear from stevedores. Their apparel has the sustainability to make it through the rough work and to withstand the weather all year around. The fit and cuts on the styles really distinguish the collection as a set of double functional garments. A selection of contrasted colors such as navy, moss green and silver was used. 

Reversible jackets, sherpa jackets, heavy corduroy zip overshirts and wool sweaters, it's all part of the FW16 collection. Arte Antwerp succeeded to implement other classics such as long coats and clean sweaters, completed with the favorites: subtle branded hoodies and t-shirts. Arte Antwerp aims to deliver aesthetics while touching different artistic fields. 

Photography | Jef Claes 

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