Deinze, Belgium - 13.03.2019

Belgian Sportswear Brand RectoVerso launches March 19th

The Belgian brand focuses on the duality that hides within every woman.

New Belgian sports brand RectoVerso this spring introduces their first, innovative sports collection simultaneously with the launch of their website. The 100% Belgian sports brand, created by Camille Liebaert in collaboration with Liebaert Textiles, draws inspiration from the duality in every woman.

Collection One is an explosive cocktail: a mix between technical, daring sportswear and a more luxurious Athens wear. Basics such as T-shirts, sports bras and leggings are lifted to a higher level by the use of technical fabrics. Designed and produced in Deinze, with the lookbook and campaign shot in the exotic, mysterious Marrakech, RectoVerso shows that - despite their Belgian roots - they want to make an international impression.  

Nightingale handles the brand's media relations, campaign productions, as well as the design for their upcoming pop-up store and social media content. Furthermore, you may find the collection online from March 19th. Get familiar with the brand via, and find an introduction to the three collections below.

PERFORMANCE® collection
Thanks to the Emana® yarn, made with the very latest Solvay technology, the pieces in this collection reduce the build-up of lactic acid in the muscles and the build-up of cellulite. The result is a sportswear collection that improves comfort, encourages faster recovery and helps athletes push the limits of their own training. Through bio-active minerals in the yarn, Emana® absorbs your body heat and uses it for thermoregulation (self-heating) and to optimize blood circulation.
AIR® collection
The Air collection is RectoVerso's softest and most breathable fabric - the result of decades of innovation in sportswear. A series of fine-knit knitting machines transform and combine LYCRA® fiber and super-micro-polyamide yarn into an ultra-light, soft and air-permeable fabric that is proven to be among the most delicate in the world. In addition, the Air® technology applies quick-dry properties to all items in the collection. This makes the Air collection the perfect choice as a first layer.
SPACE® collection
The innovative, double-knitted and elastic Space® fabric forms the core of the eponymous collection: a luxury innovation that combines heat insulation, fast textile recovery and windproof properties. The combination of a windproof knit that breathes and at the same time looks futuristic and elegant is inherent in the Space® fabric.