Antwerp, Belgium - 11.08.2017

Boffi & Nightingale | Kindred Spirits

True innovation shouldn't be seen, but experienced

What does heritage mean? For Boffi, it means that due to their many years in the field, they have learnt that true innovation shouldn't be seen, but experienced. Under the surface, every design hides ideas that strike emotions and seize the senses. It's due to this particular nature that a piece of Boffi furniture takes their owner on a road of exploration, where its true brilliance uncovers itself layer by layer.

Recently, Boffi's showroom and flagship-store in Antwerp underwent a complete renovation, updating it to the contemporary philosophy of the brand’s identity. To communicate this change in aesthetic, Boffi turned to Nightingale to help them reach the right audience and strike the right tone. As of now, Nightingale assists Boffi with their press releases, copywriting, media relations and progressive PR.