Antwerp, Belgium - 29.03.2018

Canon x Nightingale: Sharp and AWAKE

An exhibition with new client Canon for the FW18 Open Days

After a wave of new clients, including the already announced Parkland and Komono, Nightingale welcomes Canon to their client portfolio. Just in time for the FW18 AWAKE Nighttime Open Days in April, the two seal the deal with a brand new exhibition documenting the Belgian nightshop culture. 

With working hours shifting, the notorious 24/7 nightshops in Belgium have seen a resurgence in the last few years. As people seem to have less and less free time on their hands, it would seem that retailers would adapt to this phenomenon. Sadly, this is not the case. 

As an ode to those who are Awake while others are asleep, Nightingale and Canon will present a high-end, scenographic photography exhibition, shot by frequent collaborator Maxime Fauconnier. Photographer Fauconnier, who himself solely uses Canon for his work, will use the brand's new mirrorless entries - the M50 and M100 - to shoot this exhibition as a demonstration of their compact power. 

The M50 is the first Canon mirrorless camera to provide 4K.

The Nightingale FW18 AWAKE Nighttime Open Days in Antwerp will be hosted at the Nightingale creative workspace at Hertsdeinstraat 26. From the 24th & 25th of April, the concept agency will open their doors from 4PM to midnight.