Amsterdam & Antwerp, Benelux - 13.08.2018

C.P. Company & adidas Originals document their shared history in collaboration

An ode to both brand's extensive history in terracewear.

The long anticipated collaboration between Italian sportswear brand C.P. Company and top tier sneakerbrand adidas was teased earlier this year with a limited edition Friends and Family pack, including the Bordeaux coloured Kamanda and the deep red Explorer Jacket. August 24th, however, marks the release of a complete collection of coveted items that fuse football classics from both brands. 

In the nineties, when the relationship between football culture and fashion had reached its peak, the iconic designs of Massimo Osti and adidas took the upper hand. The tracksuits and Doc Martens boots of the 80s were exchanged for the C.P. Company Goggle Jackets and the adidas Samba. This changing of the guard characterizes the beginning of 'Casualwear' of 'Terracewear' - currents that were particularly popular in England, the Netherlands and Belgium.

"Two things were an absolute requirement for us," says Paul Harvey, creative director of C.P. Company, about the collaboration. 'When two influential brands come together, this must result in a cultural progress and thus be innovative. Striving for perfection is, as far as possible, a second requirement. I think that if those two criteria come together, you win credibility."

Learn more about the collaboration in our dedicated press release.