Antwerp, Belgium - 22.01.2018

Creative exchanges: Serax

Enhancing the aesthetic of every dish

As the number one reference for Michelin chefs around the world, it was a visual delight experiencing the different courses at Nightingale’s private dinner with the elegant tableware designed by Serax and Studio Piet Boon. Partnering up with Belgian and international designers, Serax consistently develops new products that are both innovative and affordable. 

Providing a blank canvas for the different courses served at the Nightingale ‘Supper Club’, the tableware collection ‘Base’ by Serax and Studio Piet Boon enhanced the aesthetics of every dish. The partnership, which merges design and functionality, reflects their shared attention to detail and perfection, resulting in a sophisticated range of high quality tableware.

What started out with a series of flower pots back in 1987, soon grew into an international company. Today, Serax offers no less than 4,000 different interior objects, ranging from original glasswork, elegant dinnerware, items of interest and contemporary furniture. In this Belgian family business, all collections are crafted traditionally, and are always in line with the creator’s vision and philosophy.