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Current State of Affairs for FW18

Do you chose the red or the blue ocean?

This article was originally published in the sixth edition of Nightingale Magazine, the AWAKE edition for FW18. Read the magazine in it's entirety online, or order your copy here.

Our collective framework seems broader and more inspiring than ever, but it is flawed. Instagram provides the same content to the masses, trend lectures are a common stop for digital-age philosophers and the next art fair across the globe is a mere plane ticket away. 

No agency is reluctant to the current climate, its crazes and social inclinations, yet this foreword to our AWAKE Days Magazine is a cautious plea to retrieve creative inspiration from within, rather than from the outside world.

If something you envision does not exist, create it. With this motivation in mind, Nightingale was founded about 6 years ago. We thought out an agency that crosses classical boundaries and merges different fields of creative work.

By creating this ‘blue ocean’ environment of uncontested market space (a term coined by W. Chan Kim & Renée Mauborgne, 2005), Nightingale paved its own way, steering clear of the red ocean where competitors continuously fight for dominance.

From the get-go, Nightingale has been adept to the Gesamtkunstwerk philosophy - when visuals, sound, interior, print & communication are combined, integrated & well thought out, this results in the ideal art form. As it turns out, this holistic approach to concept creation is more relevant now than ever before. What we carefully laid out years ago now resonates well on an international scale.

In hindsight the development of Nightingale’s layered, hybrid and – yes – experimental approach might very well be a sign of the times.

So what is next? In our newest FW18 magazine we pinpoint macro trends, highlighting evolutions in graphic design, interior architecture, event scenography and progressive communications for the upcoming season.

Enjoy the read,

Stijn Nachtergaele, founder of Nightingale

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