Antwerp, Belgium - 08.02.2018

A Day in the Life of MOROBAE

Nightingale's sophomore digital first campaign targeting Generation Next

With “A Day in the Life of #MOROBAE”, Nightingale readies its sophomore digital film campaign on Facebook & Instagram. The campaign follows the Morobae persona through four scenes, which are then further explored in additional posts.

As of now, the campaign is in its first week, starting the story at MOROBAE's apartment. Throughout the next month, the narrative will continue as she makes her way to the subway, furniture store and Chinese supermarket.

The project is yet another demonstration of the agency’s commitment to the digital age. As Generation Next will increasingly consume their information through mobile platforms, we see a shift in focus from photography to film, which in 2018 will become the new standard within the digital content creation landscape. 

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