Antwerp, Belgium - 22.12.2016

A flawless look with MUD

Make-up Designory brings innovative airbrushing method to the Belgian consumers

Airbrushing is one of the leading methods to apply make-up for television and fashion shows in Hollywood, Paris and London, but it’s not yet a common technique in Belgium. International make-up label MUD, short for Make-Up Designory, is bringing this method to Belgian professionals and make-up lovers through their schools and shops. MUD, founded almost twenty years ago in Los Angeles, is a pioneer in combining professional education with expert products. Nathalie Baert is the manager of MUD’s training department in Belgium and a valid make-up connoisseur. She introduces us to the fine art of airbrushing.

Nathalie, airbrushing might be an unknown technique to some, but it is not an entirely new concept, right?

No, it is not. I’ve been working with the airbrush for ten years now, but it is still not very known in our country. In our MUD schools, we offer special courses on airbrush techniques for make-up professionals. But that’s not all: we noticed that this make-up method was not really within reach of individual clients. That is why MUD starts offering in store make up-sessions to apply this method to brides-to-be or people who are going to a party. You know, airbrushing is a very beautiful way to apply make-up: the result is very refined and its use should not be limited to photo shoots or television.

What are the benefits of this technique towards the use of make-up brushes or sponges?

The airbrush device produces a mist that looks very refined and smooth on the skin. You can use it for the application of foundation and blush or for contouring and highlighting. I always call it ‘make-up without Photoshop’, because it creates a second skin look. It is also very recommendable for people with a sensitive or dry skin. Since you do not even touch the skin, this technique will not activate irregularities or redness. Next to that, it also lasts longer than make-up that is applied the traditional way. 

Soon people can get their make-up done ‘the airbrush way’ in the MUD stores?

Yes, from December onward people can test this professional method in our Antwerp store. After the Antwerp launch, our stores in Ghent and Kortrijk will also start to offer this service.

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