Antwerp, Belgium - 03.09.2018

G-Star RAW launches the 'Uniform of the Free'

An ode to the confident, inspiring and captivating heroes of our generation.

In celebration of the Fall/Winter ’18 brand campaign, G-Star RAW & Nightingale personally invites you on Thursday the 20th of September to attend the official launch of the eponymous ‘Uniform of The Free’ collection in Antwerp.
This campaign champions a range of confident, inspiring and captivating individuals who step beyond pre-established rules, push boundaries and celebrate the freedom of doing it their way.

How to attend:

Musical performances by DJ Black Mamba & TheColorGrey
Live customization by Brabo’s Hand Tattoo

Date | 20.09.18
Location | G-Star RAW showroom, Burburestraat 4B, 2000 Antwerp
Time | 19h – 23h