Antwerp, Belgium - 28.08.2016

Grand Opening

Discover Nightingale's Experimental Workspace

2016 is an exceptional milestone for us at Nightingale: as well as opening a second office in Berlin and launching an online news platform, our Belgian HQ moved to a new location in Antwerp. The latter was celebrated with a grand opening party on Friday the 26th of August.

You might have heard by now: Nightingale recently moved to the Hertsdeinstraat 26, 2018 Antwerp. The new premises, which measures over 600 m², is more than just office space. Nightingale's characteristic versatility and progressive nature are found in the various facilities on offer, which vary from in-house productions to a creative atelier. 

Nightingale Workspace

The new Nightingale Workspace, in which our core business takes place, is subdivided into various zones. Upon arrival, visitors can take a seat in the living room, a pleasant and carefully decorated design space. In addition, an enclosed experimental room (a creative place for meetings) and silent room (a quiet think tank) are the perfect places for developing ideas.

The Nightingale team works in centrally located islands which are divided into the following cells: progressive media relations, event scenography, experimental tactics, content creation and visualisation. In this alternative office space, they are regularly flanked by flex workers and freelancers who are also working on specific Nightingale projects. In the Atelier, creative ideas are developed on a hands-on basis and there is plenty of scope for organising workshops. 

Nightingale Showroom

Over half of the total area of the new Nightingale showroom is used for presenting collections and products. The space will be given inspirational scenography. In addition, Nightingale aims to support young artists by regularly asking them to design interactive installations which will be displayed in the space. 

Nightingale Studios

Nightingale wishes to offer more. For this reason, it is now setting up the Nightingale Studios in the new premises: the creative heart of the space. The two infinity walls - one of which is among the largest in Belgium - are available for photo shoots or other productions. The smaller infinity wall will serve as a changing showcase for various brands. Every month, it will be given a new setting.

A mobile platform makes the space the perfect location for lectures, workshops or other inspiring activities. As a result, Nightingale is transforming its working space into a forum where trends can be discussed. There is also a food lab for the organisation of workshops, events and dinners.

Grand Opening Partners

Food | Landlopers

Music | VUURWERK singer Jergan Callebaut and video artist Tobi Jonson (Run Tell Secrecy

Pictures | Wideshot l Alexandre Van Battel