London, United Kingdom - 13.12.2016

Have you met ‘Mr. Blue?’

Master tailor Dominique Vindevogel launches his sartorial guide for the modern gentleman

Dominique Vindevogel, known as the driving force behind bespoke suit label Butch Tailors, has launched his book on the importance of a well-tailored suit. Much more than a what-to-wear guide, the book covers Vindevogel’s sartorial experiences through his personal stories, favorite locations and unique tailoring tips in over more than 70 pages. 

As the CEO of the Belgian label Butch Tailors, Vindevogel is not new to the field of couture. Butch Tailors is a veritable made-to-measure suit empire with about a dozen shops on its own in Belgium, clothing in numerous multi-brand outlets and showrooms in Milan, Istanbul and Mexico. Still, Vindevogel might be best known for his internationally renowned suit service, for which he travels the world on demand of fortunate royals and self-made people who favour the service of private tailoring.

He now shares this year-long tailoring experience in Mr. Blue, which - in part thanks to the beautiful aquarelle illustrations - is an absolute collector’s item and a reference book for the 21st century gentleman. ‘Why Mr. Blue?’ you ask? According to Vindevogel, there is simply no better color for a man as it exhibits confidence, dignity and reliability. This and more nice-to-knows, you can find in Mr. Blue. A satorial guide for the modern nomadic gentleman

Mr. Blue (€39) is for sale at the Belgian Butch Tailor stores and at the online shop: