Antwerp / Amsterdam, Benelux - 11.01.2019

How To Become A Future-Proof Brand?

In 2019, Nightingale's answer will lie in the combination of creativity and strategy.

In the first quarter of 2019, Nightingale will continue to grow in team and client portfolio. After a successful year, in which the agency focused on strengthening its position in the Benelux market, we kick off the year with three new members of the team.  Furthermore, this will mark the year where the experimental marketing agency will focus more on the combination of creativity and strategy 

A Shift in Focus 

Nightingale's founder Stijn Nachtergaele will play a leading role in this, taking on the new responsibility and title of creative & strategy director. We operate according to the Gesamtkunstwerk philosophy: we rethink the traditional agency approach by combining many creative branches at once.  

Projects on the Horizon 

Consulting brands on the strategic part of a project have helped clients like RectoVerso, FFDI, and D&M make a greater impact. One of the results from these strategic sessions was the ANTIDOTE 2X19 design installation we created for D&M, which helped them reach a bigger audience and profile them as a brand for architects and interior designers. This March, another project will be introduced as a result of this change in focus. 

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