Ghent, Belgium - 17.11.2017


The former Moroso Belgium distributor opens CLUSTR in Ghent




As of today, Ghent will add a new meeting space on the map, especially created for creative talent and interior professionals. CLUSTR, as the location is called, is the brainchild of Dany and Veronique Slabbinck, the former distributors of Moroso in Belgium. “In our shared space, we hope guests can become participants”, says initiator Slabbinck. With this vision in mind, “CLUSTR aesthetics collective” was created.


In this B4B space, architects, buyers, interior specialists, retailers and consumers can take part in an innovative, immersive experience. CLUSTR brings talent from different branches together and creates a partnership on an interdisciplinary level. By integrating several iterations of the living room area - from the actual living room to a kitchen, fireplace and dedicated lighting - the space feels like a complete environment with a strong atmosphere. The room also serves as a location for events such as workshops, presentations and launches.

As from now, CLUSTR will be the official distributor of Moroso in Belgium and Luxembourg. In the shared space Moroso will still remain a leading brand accompanied by other complementary brands such as Diesel by Moroso, Frankly Amsterdam, Gram Design and Il Circolo Del Tempo. Moreover, the partnerships with Deluci, Wilfra concept & creation, Trizo21, Bosmans Haarden and Debra are based on a shared passion for contemporary aesthetics, craftsmanship, innovation and authenticity.