Amsterdam & Antwerp, Benelux - 16.03.2018

Kind of Blue: Komono for SS18

Two event productions in the Benelux are already set for April 18th.

After a series of new clients for Q1 2018, Nightingale won the pitch for Belgian optics & eyewear brand Komono. Founded in Belgium in 2009 by Raf Maes and Anton Janssens- KOMONO brings sleek design, inspired colour palate, and a minimalist aesthetic to the world of accessories. The concept agency will handle all event productions for the release of their SS18 Marine collection. 

As for now, the contract is project based, with two events in the pipeline for Antwerp and Amsterdam. Komono, meaning 'small accessories in Japanese, is internationally well-known for their range of minimalistic watches and sunglasses. "We started as a brand built on passion, a shared passion for accessible luxury where the perfect timing and vision acts as our motivation,' shares co-founder Anton Janssens in an interview dating back March 2017. 'Through a network of relationships and celebrating the creativity of others we aim to organically build awareness for the brand through key events and story-telling.'