Antwerp, Belgium - 30.11.2018

Library of Unspoken Emotions | Introducing Unsaid Library

The inaugural European pop-up location opens this December in Antwerp

Some of our most heartfelt feelings, that define our closest relationships, often stay unexpressed. With its collections of precious jewelry, Unsaid Library creates a library of these emotions packaged in a book inspired casing. Nightingale will introduce the brand to the Belgian market, starting with the launch of the first location of their European tour.

Unsaid Library launches with 11 unique collections like Parallel, Shoreline, Symphony, Afterglow, Soar and Nest, which will be introduced during the press launch of the temporary pop-up location on the Schuttershofstraat 25 in Antwerp. The location will open its doors from December 8th to February 28th, which makes it the perfect gift from Christmas to Valentines Day. 

The jewelry Library includes collections focused on relationships like lifelong companionship, togetherness despite differences, and separation; emotions like tearful joy, whirlwind passion and pride of achievement; bonds built after surviving difficult moments together, being the shoulder you need, the lifelong connection to home, or even simply celebrating the survivor spirit.

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