Antwerp, Belgium - 05.02.2019

A Love Letter to Dublin by C.P. Company

An Eyes on the City campaign featuring rapper Rejjie Snow

It is the nature of a city to be encumbering and all-absorbing (yet inspiring) place. Eventually, people themselves become part of the swirling rhythm of cities. This urban identification is a returning element in C.P. Company's latest campaign for SS19, where up-and-coming Irish artist Rejjie Snow presents his own love letter to Dublin.


Filmed by childhood friend Joshua Gordon, Rejjie is portrayed in the most iconic pieces of the C.P. Company SS019 collection while rediscovering the streets and peripheries of Dublin, their birthplace. Army colors such as saturated gray, khaki, army green and navy blue are central to the success story of C.P. Company.


Rejjie Snow - real name Alex Anyaegbunam - is an Irish artist who grew up in the suburb of Drumcondra in Northern Dublin. He left Dublin at a young age and moved to the United States where, thanks to a scholarship, he was able to emerge as a footballer in Georgia. But fate had other plans.

Thanks to his cousins Snow learned to appreciate music, and less than 2 years after he came to live in America he released his first EP "Rejovich" in June 2013. His breakthrough, All Around the World, was his first video that enjoyed millions of views, with Lily-Rose Depp in the lead. This success led to his record deal with 300 Entertainment, the American label of, among others, Migos. His album "Dear Annie", which was released last February, promoted Billboard, Complex, NPR and of course C.P. Company, who saw the upcoming talent as an ideal match for their Eyes on the City campaign.


In 2017, C.P. Company for the first time their #EyesOnTheCity campaign, where they gave their community complete control. With this campaign, they want to encourage their community to take a picture of themselves in their famous Goggle Jacket with an inspirational city panorama in the background. The consumer then shares his personal perspective on the city on Instagram with the hashtag #EyesOnTheCity. For Rejjie Snow well-known industry figures such as Gary Aspden, Kuba Spencer, Akira Nakai and the Gorillaz were featured in this campaign.