Antwerp, Belgium - 23.11.2017

Morobé launches first handbag collection

After the perfect heel, Morobé now delivers with an accompanying It bag.

This following article contains excerpts from 'Morobé Bags', an article that appeared in 'The Closed Edition', the 5th edition of the NG Magazine.  

The Belgian label Morobé, known for its statement shoes, launched its own handbag line for the first time. The collection consists of three models: 'La Grande Vérité', 'La Petite Vérité' and 'La Reine de Morobé'. The designs are minimalistic, but with a clear twist that gives the handbags their recognizable look.

The design of the 'La Reine de Morobé' immediately stands out thanks to the special handmade braid, which is attached to the front side of the handbag. The designs of 'La Grande Vérité' and 'La Petite Vérité' are dominated by the large loops attached to the front. It’s these particular elements that give the bags their recognizable look.

All bags come with a shoulder strap, making them practical for the active contemporary woman. The designs are available in white, black and dark blue. As for materials, grained leather is alternated with a smooth, mat leather. The subtle stitches in the handbags in Yves Klein Blue and Black are also present in the shoes collection.

Morobé is known for creating 'Les indispensables de Morobé', the basic designs of shoes and bags that Morobé will always carry in its range. These shoes and bags are designed to wear over the seasons. However, new color implementations are added each season. Yet the base colors remain in the collection as seasonless items. 

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