Antwerp, Belgium - 07.12.2016

Need a Drink? Yes, sir!

Prepare your own 'Snicker's Old Fashioned'

Need a Drink? is an innovative cocktail platform, founded by Nicolas Oorts en David Vanheesbeke. These two are also the creative minds behind Miraeus, an Antwerp based spirit paradise specialized in mixing cocktails for events. Since December, they are using their experience in the field of spirits to launch, an online shop and virtual platform where fanatics and starters can learn all about spirits. Today, they teach you how to prepare your own Snicker's Old Fashioned. 


50ml of Bulleit Bourbon

10ml of hazelnut syrup, home made or from Monin

2 dashes of Aztec Chocolate Bitters by The Fee Brothers

One piece of orange zest

Some dried orange for decoration

A whiskey glass


“The Snickers Old Fashioned is not our own creation, but it actually is an existing cocktail that was developed by Lily & Bloom, a cocktail bar in Hong Kong. Last Spring, we went to China on an inspirational trip to discover some bars and their signature drinks. This cocktail was a clear winner for us: its taste pleases a wide audience. The preparation is easy, since it is a modern take on the classic Old Fashioned.” 


“To prepare a Snickers Old Fashioned, start filling the glass with ice cubes; these are preferably large. Use them straight from the freezer, since this will keep them ‘dry’. Then, add the bourbon, the hazelnut syrup and the chocolate bitters. Stir the cocktail with a bar spoon for about 45 seconds. After this, your cocktail will have the right temperature and texture. To finalize your drink, add some decorations: put some dried orange in your glass and squeeze some fresh orange peel on top of it. The zest will release its distilled oils. Cheers!”  |

David Vanheesbeke & Nicolas Oorts