Antwerp, Belgium - 25.07.2018

Nightingale Gallery presents "WWIWWC"

The artist will exhibit a new series of artworks at the Experimental Workspace.

Nightingale has had a long-standing history with art. A while back, we created the now well-known aquarelles for the Mr. Blue book, which were presented in London at the Arts Club. More recently, we presented the Canon x Maxime Fauconnier exhibition and Louise Mertens "SEE" solo exhibition in our workspace. As a continuation of this dialogue with the art world, Nightingale presents "What Will Is, What Will Come", an art dialogue between three Belgian painters. 

This November, Nightingale Gallery will exhibit a series of new works by artists Beiron Brouwers, Bram Kinsbergen and Herman Maes. The central theme of the "What Will Is, What Will Come" exhibition explores an art dialogue centered around the relationship between landscape and identity.

The concept was created by Marc Guinee and Katrien Maes as an initiative to connect the artists and their works. More than often, the works and artists displayed in galleries don't seem to follow a singular narrative. The works will be exhibited at the Nightingale creative workspace from November 15 - 18. 

Vernissage of What Will Is, What Will Come

on November 15th

At Nightingale Gallery

Hertsdeinstraat 26

2018 Antwerp

From 6 - 10 PM


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