Nightingale, World - 08.06.2018


An exploration of new stories and concepts by the Experimental Concept Agency.

After kicking off the FW18 season in both Antwerp and Amsterdam, we're finally ready to present the final version of our sixth Nightingale Magazine: the AWAKE Edition. Spread across 60+ pages, Nightingale shares the latest concepts and stories from their client portfolio. 

Since the start of 2018, a few things have changed for Nightingale. First, we've started centering our services and disciplines of expertise around three pillars of creation: the creation of Words, Visuals and Spaces, focused on the field of lifestyle. The magazine itself is therefore also split in this triptych of pillars, where every story is set in one of these universes.

Beyond words, visuals and spaces, Nightingale also created a few articles offering more insight into the future of these pillars, interviews with our creative network and from our partners - as well as a dedicated look behind the scenes of our AWAKE Days build-up in Antwerp and Amsterdam.

A Limited Print Run 

For FW18, we've decided to print a limited amount of magazines for our network and fans. While the online magazine is already available today, we'll be shipping the print edition for free from June 14th. Just order your copy through this link and enjoy the read.