Antwerp, Belgium - 15.01.2018

No ice, please | Cocktail reinventions for cold Winters

Spice up the classics during these hauling, cold winter days

Winter isn’t going away anytime soon, so we strongly recommend you to keep yourself from freezing with some inventive winter cocktails based on Strongbow cider. Make the most of it while it’s still January, as it is the perfect time to ring in the new year with colleagues, friends and family. With Strongbow’s variety of flavors, creating a festive winter apero is as easy as pie.

Classic cocktails such as a Negroni, Mojito or frozen Margarita can be lifted to the next level with great ease, when combined with one of Strongbow’s flavors: Gold Apple, Elderflower, Red Berries or Dark Fruit. Due to the versatile character of cider, it’s ideal for mixing into cocktails. On, you can discover various recipes for refreshing and unexpected cocktails.

Strongbow is the world’s leading apple cider brand, created by Heineken and produced by Alken-Maes in Belgium. Thanks to the low alcohol percentage (4.5%), this light sparkling drink is ideal to start your evening, which makes Strongbow an ideal aperitive throughout the year. Hence, it should come as no surprise that Strongbow was the best selling cider brand worldwide and was recently voted best product of the year 2017-2018. 

Nightingale is in charge of creating more brand awareness around Strongbow’s newest flavors. Last summer, Nightingale created a unique secret garden experience to let people get acquainted with Strongbow’s different cider flavors.