Antwerp, Belgium - 19.12.2017

Parcify launches #DeliveredbyParcify campaign

A New Age of Delivery Solutions

As the delivery service that goes beyond the traditional package distribution, Parcify assigned Nightingale to position them as a lifestyle brand, which - among other approaches - was executed by means of a digital lifestyle video production. By rolling out a digital first campaign, Nightingale wanted to make clear how the savvy solutions of Parcify really make a difference in everyday lives.

After a typical millennial career woman enters the office, she’s met with her colleague, who hands her all the packages she ordered. Although slightly ashamed by the overload on boxes, she goes on with her hectic workday. The brooding rhythm of the soundtrack ‘Similarities’ of the Belgian band Felix Pallas complements the fashionable, yet accessible and contemporary vibe. The two recording locations - Fosbury & Sons as creative co-working space and Bar Rodin as intimate bar - enhanced the storyline seamlessly.

The rest of the digital short film produced by Nightingale shows the young ambitious woman staring at the shoes of her co-worker, feeling the urge to buy some of her own. Eventually this leads to her searching for them online and this time using Parcify to deliver them where and whenever she wants. The video even highlights an important and unique feature: the option to change the location within the hour.

Nightingale firmly believes that visual content is of great importance to get the message across. For Parcify, a lifestyle video production was the prime focal point - among other approaches - of the digital first campaign. “As the world is changing to a digital and sometimes even mobile first society, one of the essential methods to disrupt the market is through a campaign that focusses on delivering the message through social media and other thriving digital platforms first,” explains Stijn Nachtergaele, founder and creative director of Nightingale. “With Parcify, this was the first digital production we attempted on this scale, and we’re very happy and honored to be given the opportunity to experiment with this head on.”

For now, Parcify operates in Antwerp, Brussels and Ghent, but plans to expand their operations across borders in the future. As with other market disruptors such as Netflix, AirBnB and Deliveroo, it’s the user who plays the main role for Parcify. With their flexible delivery service, they offer solutions in a smart way, tailored to the relevant needs of the customer.