Antwerp, Belgium - 31.03.2017

The Re:Collection | 125 years of Veritas

New Client: Veritas

Recently, Nightingale added Belgian retail chain Veritas to its client portfolio. Veritas assigned Nightingale its 125 years campaign, that celebrates the 125th birthday of the iconic brand.

Veritas is an established Belgian retail chain that wants to inspire with its comprehensive spectrum of accessories and DIY ideas. In 2017 the label is celebrating its 125th birthday and that milestone could not pass without the proper festivities. Veritas knocked on Nightingale's door for a fitting concept to set off the anniversary year.

As of now, Nightingale will be responsible for the strategy, communication and design of the project. Nightingale's founder Stijn Nachtergaele is delighted that he and his team are given the opportunity to invent and execute this marketing strategy for Veritas. The strategy will enclose an advertising campaign, media relations, events, (guerrilla) activations and shoots. "Veritas wants to move towards a new direction, and we are glad they chose Nightingale to assist them with that. With Veritas, the Re:Collection, we are celebrating the brands' 125th birthday, highlighting its unique position in our country and showing that the brand is ready for the future."

The campaign will be launched in a couple of months. The result will be visible in the Veritas stores and in the streetscape.