Brussels, Belgium - 01.06.2016

Renaissance anarchy meets contemporary art

Visual artist Peter Kogler lends Brussels Expo to Virginie Morobé

The FW16 shoe collection by Morobé is called ‘Renaissance Anarchy’ and is inspired by the luxurious and extravagant lifestyle of the English Tudor dynasty. This historical theme is visible in the used materials such as velvet, hand embroidered textiles and gold and cracked leather. For the additional photo shoot, owner and designer Virginie Morobé integrated her collection in the graphical work of Austrian artist Peter Kogler.

Belgian shoe label Morobé is introducing its new FW collection called ‘Renaissance Anarchy’ with an experimental photo shoot. Leading lady Virginie Morobé was looking for an exclusive location to shoot her collection, when she saw an announcement for Austrian artist Peter Kogler’s exposition in the ING Art Center in Brussels: “For the FW16 campaign, I was looking for a studio where I could cover the floor and the wall with a digital print. But after seeing the mesmerizing work of Kogler, I knew his disorientating graphics would be the ideal setting.”

Did you need the artist’s permission to use his artworks as scenery?

I did. The ING Art Center immediately agreed after screening our brand, but Peter Kogler wanted to meet me in person before giving his permission. I met him in Brussels and we had a lovely talk: he told me he liked my designs and eventually gave me his approval to use his multimedia exposition for the photo shoot. Although he was a little bit disappointed that I didn’t make shoes for men (laughs).

So you’re shooting a collection inspired by the Renaissance in a frame of contemporary art. Remarkable.

For the development of my winter collection I used materials that reminded me of the Tudor dynasty in England. Putting these Renaissance inspired shoes in Kogler’s contemporary art environment is my way of thinking out of the box, of being anarchistic. By letting these two worlds clash, I want to create a new kind of futuristic Renaissance.

How would you say your new collection differs from the designs you made before?

To be honest, I really feel like Morobé as a brand and me as a designer have strongly evolved since the last collection. I feel that I have detached myself from the past and that I have grown as a designer. I’m not looking back anymore.

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Virginie Morobé:
"Putting these Renaissance inspired shoes in Kogler’s contemporary art environment is my way of thinking out of the box, of being anarchistic."