Zeebrugge Beach , Belgium - 12.08.2016

Smokin' Roquette at WeCanDance

Romain Roquette launches exclusive salad for electronic beach festival

Young spinach leaves, rucola salad, smoked trout, bulgur, glasswort, beet, wasabi crunch and an apple-mustard dressing: these are the ingredients of a Smokin' Roquette salad. This dish was exclusively composed by Ghent-based salad bar Romain Roquette for the WeCanDance festival in Zeebrugge. 

Festivals are no longer only about music. More than ever people are looking for a total experience: the food, sleep accommodation and fringe activities need to be as top notch as the music programme. Electronic beach festival WeCanDance surfs on that innovative wave by specifically focussing on culinary experiences. Therefore, the festival asked salad bar Romain Roquette to compose an exclusive salad for the two-day festival. 


Romain Roquette is a well-known salad bar in Ghent, owned by three friends. Their main goal: to find the perfect taste balance in a salad. For the Smokin' Roquette they combined salty and smoked fish, earthy beet, spicy crunch and a sweet dressing. Getting hungry? Taste their exclusive salad this weekend on the WeCanDance Food Market.