Antwerp, Belgium - 13.06.2017

Switch the Channel

A glimpse into a vibrant new future - one that will be televised

For our 'Concept Store' open days during the 26th and 27th of April, Gents created an award-winning experience that activated guests to create their own content. With ‘Switch the Channel’, we created nine tailor made channels that broadcasted about food, fashion and design and even brought you live updates from Berlin and Antwerp. Instead of creating a remote controller, visitors of the open days were given a code so they could turn their own phone into a remote. It was even possible to create their own content using their phones. 

"With social media allowing for instant gratification in just about every area of life, media moguls are forced to find new ways to engage with their audience," explains Stijn Nachtergaele, who co-created the concept together with Gents, about the vision behind Switch the Channel. "The advent of digital TV has broken the scheduled rigidity of broadcast television, sure, yet there are many more possibilities to explore. Timing your favourite show at your own leisure is one thing, but what about deciding on the content as well?"

Relive the experience and tune in on yourself.

1. Fashion Channel
This Fall/Winter is going to be eclectic. For example, the 90s are everywhere: it feels like Kurt Cobain and the entire Seattle grunge scene are right around the corner. Skate is making a revival, and furthermore athleisure is definitely here to stay. We also see a comeback of the disco era. Lastly, military influences are omnipresent next season.
2. Food Channel
Focus has become a luxury. We thought we would try and turn things around. These concentration flavouring booths are all yours. Inside, everything is golden, creating a warm feeling like a tiny solarium. Studio Helder, who created the concentration flavouring booths that were also physically present during our open days, was inspired by the concept of Ichiran, a famous Japanese ramen bar.
3. Design Channel
Nightingale is passionate about design. We keep an eye on international trends and concepts, visit trade fairs and lectures worldwide, and experiment with new ideas in order to create innovative store identities around it. Our design clients and cases are the best example of this.
4. Experimental Channel
In the future, technology will be even more omnipresent than ever in our daily lives. All boundaries will blur; welcome to the phygital age. Brands will become concepts and the untraditional is already the new tradition. This channel showcases our visual vision of the future.
5. Live Feed Antwerp
A live broadcast or the Nightingale workspace during our 'Concept Store' open days. The Nightingale team works on centrally located islands, divided into the following cells: progressive media relations, event scenography, experimental tactics, content creation and visualisation.
6. Live Feed Berlin
Meanwhile in Berlin, Jan Schoper and his team took you on a tour through the city, highlighting all its hotspots. Berlin's Mitte area hosted a blitz pop-up concept store that showcased Nightingale's on-point brands a week before Antwerp's open days. Footage of this event was broadcasted on the channel as well.
7. Virtual Tour 360
The VT360 channel broadcasted our workspace, of which 300 sqm is used for presenting collections, products and ideas of our clients. Here, our focus is always on building inspirational scenography. By using your mouse, you were able to explore our showroom and our clients for yourself.
8. Switch the Channel
With channel 8, visitors were put in charge to show Nightingale what impressed them, be it something they experienced during the open days or a clip that the world needed to discover. This was then broadcasted up on our infinity wall, providing a vibrant background to the event.