Nightingale, World - 25.06.2018

Trends for FW18 | Devoid of Sunlight

Because when others are asleep, we are awake.

As we grow more ambitious and see a shift in working hours, we find that the world spends more of its personal time during the nighttime hours, devoid of sunlight. ‘Devoid of Sunlight’ is one of the most important trends that influenced the theme for Nightingale’s FW18 AWAKE Open Days, challenging the status quo to adapt to these significant changes in society.

For instance, this phenomenon echoes into the tech world, from consumers using mobile devices mostly in the evening to camera’s becoming more adaptive to sharing crystal clear memories during the nighttime. 

Marching unknown territories, fashion brands offer anonymity for introverts with monochrome shades of black, wine-red and anthracite, while extroverts attract attention by boasting shiny leather, saturated reds, reflective silver and even yellow to attract attention.

Brands that birthed this trend: 

CanonDrykorn | Nokia | Komono