Worldwide, Global - 28.01.2019

Watchlist: The HiFi Café Trend

Inspired by the audiophile heavens in Japan

The way we experience music has changed. Over 80 percent of consumers now use their smartphones to store and stream music, and due to the improving quality of streaming services and wireless connectivity, the experience has become widely accessible. In 2019, we see an existing global trend reach new levels of popularity. 


Inspired by Tokyo's thriving jazz cafes and listening bars, new audiophile hotspots and listening experiences are opening throughout America and Europe - and brands like Hermes are already playing into this democratization of HiFi experience. 

Take for instance last year's Silk Mix pop-up activation, a concept by Hermes that features album and cassettes with patterns from the brand's scarves and ties. Or Louis Vuitton's, which heavily infused a musical and theatrical experience in their latest runway show. In London, a new experiential concept called Spiritland was launched earlier this month, and next month Bar Shiru - a HiFi listening bar - will open in Oakland.

Meanwhile, Ikea and Sonos just announced that they are releasing their Symphonisk collaboration this August, and Apple will release the second iteration of their Airpods in the first half of 2019. As the love for high-quality audio experiences no longer qualifies as something just for audiophiles, but has become a democratic tendency, so will the demand for musical experiences like Hifi listening bars grow.

The conclusion: why is Nightingale writing about this? 

As an agency, we have increasingly been initiating and developing our own concepts, whether it's for our Open Days or stand-alone concepts like the Concept Store of the Future at Fashiontech and more recently our ANTIDOTE 2X19 installation. 

In 2019, Nightingale will launch its own pop-up listening activation in Amsterdam, set to create an experience that will combine the love for vinyl with our expertise in the lifestyle sector. 

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