Antwerp, Belgium - 22.09.2017

When Brands Collide

Nightingale presents FRED + GINGER to the world

The creators behind Fred & Ginger, Hilde & Co and Ginger already had a strong selection of designs to cater to both women and children, but as the saying goes: united we stand, divided we fall. This is why the design collective officially presented the new identity FRED + GINGER during an intimate press brunch at the F.R.E.D Store in Antwerp this week. 

With the launch of this new concept, the collective still caters to children who prefer to colour outside the lines, as well as to women who are sensitive to the beauty and diversity the world had to offer. What's new is that starting today, the collective will also invite other brands to help tell their story.

With this launch, FRED + GINGER sought a creative partner to help present this new identity to the world. Nightingale assisted the collective in the organisation of the launch event, handled their communications and media relations.