Nightingale art directed Otentic Perfumes’ campaign

20.05.2020 posted in News

Campaign concept and moodboard by Nightingale

Our Nightingale studio team did the art direction for Dutch fragrance brand Otentic Perfumes’ latest advertising campagne. On behalf of Nightingale and based on the moodboard our studio team created, the 3D campaign imagery was produced for a couple of Otentic Perfumes’ fragrance collections: Arborath, Elegantia, Fyori, Grasslands and Sedux.

Otentic Perfumes offers a unique perfume experience that helps you find the frangrance that really matches you. The emphasis lies on the connection that you, as an individual, feel with a certain perfume. Thinking outside the box creates the opportunity to make a genuine connection with a fragrance based on your own intuition. This is exactly what Otentic wants.



To represent those unique perfumes, Nightingale created the campaign concept and Green Chameleon produced the 3D imagery.