NO SHOW: Open Days FW21

07.04.2021 posted in Events

Dear network,

Since the start of Nightingale in 2013, our main objective has been binary: to help build future-proof brands and for ourselves to stay ahead of the curve in order to inspire others. Each season, we aim to create innovative concepts as an agency. Our biannual Open Days have always been key moments in this process, whether hosted in the back of a burning school bus (SS15), at a secret underground location (FW15), in virtual reality (FW16) or through a live news broadcast (AW20).

Only this season, we’d like to do things differently. Instead of joining the Open Days rat race, we plan to steer clear of the chaos. Given the current economic and social state of the world, it only feels right. And though it may appear counterintuitive, taking a step back is at times a great way to move forward. That is why this season Nightingale will not be organizing Open Days.

We want to critically reflect on what it means to be an innovator in our own league. After 9 consecutive years of launching forward-thinking concepts, we feel time still did not catch up on us.

So we want to re-engage and focus on in-depth conversations. Hence, Nightingale is going back to its core for AW21: interpersonal connections and rethinking tomorrow. Our doors will remain closed on April 27-28-29, but keep an eye on your mailbox: you never know what you might find.