Perfume Launch

  • PR & media relations
  • Influencer marketing
  • Event hosting
  • Press trip Paris
  • Launch event Antwerp
  • Seeding campaign
Hedgren celebrated its 30th birthday with a first perfume. A gender-neutral fragrance translating their brand values: intuitive, down-to-earth, carrying the freedom of nature, energetic and authentic.

Launch Hedgren Parfum

To launch the perfume, we organized events in both Antwerp and Paris. Paris is among the top world leaders in beauty & lifestyle, no better place to immerse press in the world of Hedgren’s perfume. Invites for the launch in the French capital were sent one-to-one to a select group that focused on beauty press. Our team took care of the complete event flow in which the entire program, planning and script were worked out.


In Paris, we visited the immersive exhibition “Yves Klein, Infinite Blue”, a nod to the design of the Hedgren perfume. Because the bottle also features a work of art by Laura De Coninck with a remarkably powerful blue accent. The highlight of our trip was undoubtedly the exclusive visit to Givaudan, walhalla of perfume. There, our party was able to exceptionally engage in a conversation with Sonia Constant, world top as a perfume nose and co-creator of the Hedgren perfume.


Back in Belgium, the event in Antwerp took place at ‘Verso Il Profumo’. For this, our team took care of the event flow and invitation management. Tapping into our network of beauty and lifestyle influencers and press (lifestyle, beauty and fashion press).

Freedom of movement

To express the feeling of freedom in a perfume, the Antwerp-based bag label collaborated with artist Laura de Coninck, under the supervision of master perfumer Sonia Constant and renowned Parisian perfume house Givaudan Fragrances. Like her painting process, Laura chose a raw material she loved and added complements/smells until a whole new fragrance emerged. The perfume bottle was personalized with paintings by Laura de Coninck in collaboration with graphic designer An Eisendrath.


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