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To say we’re living in an ever-changing world has become quite an understatement over the past year. Lifestyle brand KOMONO asked Nightingale to partner up for a future-proof global digital strategy, tackling the newest challenges in social media, e-commerce and digitalization.


E-commerce has rapidly increased during the COVID-19 pandemic and KOMONO was right in seizing this opportunity, accelerating their online power in both social media and e-commerce.

“KOMONO is an Antwerp based brand, with exquisite aesthetics and a strong affinity to the Antwerp fashion academy”, says Stijn Nachtergaele, chief visionary at Nightingale, “and it was exactly those strengths Nightingale wants to shed light on.”


In defining new opportunities, Nightingale was asked to create a new digital strategy for KOMONO. “Instead of focusing on pack shots, we suggested adding a layer of stories and collaborations, to show more of the interesting world surrounding KOMONO”, Nachtergaele explains. “As to reach new consumers, we started experimenting with social channels like TikTok and Instagram Reels, LinkedIn and Pinterest.”

“Since we started our collaboration with KOMONO, we’ve worked on a Wall of Frame, a phygital retail activation concept”, Stijn continues. “Cool clients in the stores wearing KOMONO glasses are captured with an analogue camera and those pictures are used in the real and the digital world, building the bridge between online and offline and adding to the KOMONO community feeling.”

“KOMONO has absolutely stunning campaign material”, Nightingale’s digital marketing strategist Tom Verschuere continues, “but we see in the numbers that real stories with real people score even better.” Therefore, Nightingale’s social media strategy balances out the campaign images with user generated content. “In all media channels, we show the professional as well as the human side of KOMONO”, he explains.

When asked why they chose us to work with, Wouter De Mets, head of marketing at KOMONO, said:

“Nightingale has a focus on creativity and innovation which fitted perfectly with KOMONO’s own values. We had already worked together for a few smaller projects and were happy with the results, so we decided to go for a long term partnership.”

“In a retail market under pressure, KOMONO partnered with Nightingale to rethink the landscape and come up with creative solutions, which translated in a social strategy consisting of a combination of showing collections and collaborations, but also strategic e-commerce and webshop solutions. Both Antwerp based with an international clientele, and both rather funky, Nightingale is thrilled to creatively and strategically inspire KOMONO in these rapidly changing times”, Stijn Nachtergaele concludes.

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