Mode Unie

A Rebranded Story

Mode Unie
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At Nightingale, we thrive on transforming visions into vibrant, contemporary identities. When Mode Unie approached us for a revamp of their logo and branding, joined forces with Isolde Delanghe, the Director of Mode Unie. Our mission: breathe new life into their identity by creating visually appealing elements and weaving them into a coherent and recognizable brand narrative.

A Bold Evolution

The resulting design embodies a modern and daring aesthetic. Bold, uppercase letters contribute to a powerful presence, emphasizing the brand’s pride. Striking a balance between defined edges and softer curves, the logo remains both impactful and approachable.

In crafting a cohesive identity, we carefully selected the title & text fonts. These not only complement the logo but also possess unique attributes. Text ‘font Lexend,’ originally designed to enhance reading for those with dyslexia, stands out by reducing visual stress and improving overall readability.


Small Details, Big Impact

The color palette revolves around a timeless black and white foundation, complemented by four lively, distinctive colors. This choice not only adds vibrancy but also reflects the dynamism and uniqueness of Mode Unie.

Attention to detail is paramount. Initials were incorporated for a concise logo version, showcasing the brand’s versatility. Additionally, a pattern featuring the letter ‘m’ adds a personalized touch, reinforcing the brand’s identity.

The revamped identity is not just a logo; it’s a story that Mode Unie tells through its visuals, reflecting the organization’s values and aspirations.

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