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The new Belgian lifestyle and interior brand Mublo revolves around contemporary aesthetics, sustainable materials and a love for European quality design. Nightingale was asked to create the entire branding for this exciting new brand and find creative ways to spark the interest of press and influencers.


European (family)businesses are at the heart of Mublo’s concept. By establishing collaborations with European companies, like independent furniture designers or small-scale producers, Mublo hopes to counterbalance the dominant furniture import from Asia. This new company, however, doesn’t only create items in collaboration with other creators; it also offers consumers ‘100% Mublo’-items that are designed and manufactured in-house. In the end, Mublo’s goal is to create an entire interior and lifestyle universe consisting of stools and sofas, beds and side tables, pillows and towels and even lighting objects. All objects are aesthetically pleasing, made from high-end materials, sustainable and made-to-order.



Mublo asked Nightingale to do its entire branding, including brand positioning, graphic design and visual identity. We created a new, recognizable logo: a striking depiction of the brand name where the letters gradually move from ‘bold’ to ‘thin’. To top it off, we also came up with a ‘logo icon’: an image that can be used as a blueprint on its own. The logo icon is an abstract geometric shape, based on the first two letters of Mublo (‘M’ and ‘U’). Together, the logo and the icon give off a contemporary, fresh, creative and refined vibe – and that’s exactly what Mublo is going for.


In addition to graphics, Nightingale also created a fitting color scheme. We went for a mix of earthy colors, a formal green and elegant shades of red and pink. This tasteful color palette radiates a modern yet timeless feel, just like Mublo’s designs. Speaking of the designs: Nightingale was in charge of art direction during the photoshoot of the campaign images. Frederik Vercruysse, a renowned Belgian photographer working in the fields of architecture, interior & design and fashion, took the pictures.



Now that the visual identity of the brand was in place, it was time to introduce it to the public and officially launch the brand. Nightingale came up with an extensive communication plan that featured a press lunch. During this lunch key journalists (working for amongst others Sabato, Nina and L’Officiel) and influencers were able to discover Mublo’s design items and meet Mublo’s creative director in an informal, fun setting. After the lunch, we sent out a press release introducing Mublo to our wider network, to gather as much exposure as possible for this exciting new brand that’s ready to seize the international furniture market.

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