A Legacy of Elegance

Originating in Belgium, Obumex has carved a niche for itself in the realm of luxurious, handcrafted interior & design. With its commitment to exquisite craftsmanship and innovative solutions, Obumex stands as a testament to timeless elegance and functionality. The Belgian design giant approached Nightingale for the event concept, international PR strategy and digital strategy of their latest showroom’s opening in Paris. Together we aimed to leave a mark in Paris and concurrently rejuvenate their brand identity.

Rebranding & Event Concept

Nightingale initiated a rebranding, redirecting Obumex’s communication towards a modern trajectory. In the context of their debut in Paris, we curated a holistic 360° launch strategy. From meticulously tailored campaigns to high-profile media liaison, dynamic digital blueprints, and a nod to the architectural fraternity, we laid the groundwork. While the event remained conceptual, the standards were undeniably set.

Digital & PR Strategy

In refining Obumex’s story, Nightingale spotlighted three quintessential facets:

  • Obumex Kitchens: Celebrated for its well-established reputation, we orchestrated strategic engagements with elite international media, underlining their unparalleled craftsmanship and stellar design collaborations.
  • Obumex Interiors: Positioned as the heartbeat in Belgium and absorbing 75% of their ad outlay, we underscored Obumex’s mastery in creating bespoke interiors, with a special nod to the artistry of living room spaces.
  • Obumex Furniture: Painted as the secondary canvas in Belgium, we magnified the intricate allure of Obumex’s furniture artistry, ensuring it secured its deserved spotlight.

And finally to reinforce the narrative, we crafted 2 resonant slogans:

  • “Like No Other” for a direct and bold universal appeal.
  • “Belgian Craftsmanship, Savoured Worldwide” to showcase Obumex’s expansive global presence, from Vancouver to Paris.

In collaboration with Nightingale, Obumex not only carved its niche in Paris but reimagined its brand story, seamlessly blending its rich legacy with the modern zeitgeist.

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