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The past year made us all rethink tomorrow. To celebrate the end of the year, we’d like to offer you a gift that represents the beginning of a long and promising story. A gift of relevance, making the planet more green and offering opportunities to distant communities. An innovative gift of fresh air and a clear commitment to building a brighter future. Together with our partner Treedom, we are giving you the chance to plant your very own tree in the Nightingale Forest.

Treedom is a social enterprise with a B Corp-label that plants trees all over the world in light of smaller sustainable agroforestry projects. Since the company’s founding in 2010 in Florence, over 1.25 billion trees have been planted in 17 countries compensating over 360 million kg of carbon dioxide. Over 72000 local farmers are being supported through the plantation of these trees. With transparency in mind, all trees are localised and photographed and everyone receives regular updates on the project their tree is a part of.The trees that are planted by Treedom not only compensate the co2 emissions, they also contribute to the wellbeing of the local population that benefits from it in terms of food security and extra income. 

To support this incredible initiative and end our year in a festive yet sustainable way, we are giving away 50 trees on our Instagram page. Go have a look to see how you can win your own tree to gift and plant in our Nightingale forest

We look forward to continuing to grow together in 2021 and wish you a wondrous end of year.


Team Nightingale

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