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Electric vehicles are hot, but internal combustion engines are still very popular when it comes to motorbikes. In comes Trevor Motorcycles. With the Trevor motorbike, which offers a mix of user-friendliness, design and performance, the American-Belgian brand is giving electric motorcycling a definite boost.


Lovers of stylish motorbikes will undoubtedly fall for it, but anyone who has an eye for design, strives for sustainability or just wants to be mobile in the city and beyond will find a particularly suitable motorbike in the Trevor DTRe Stella. This vehicle doesn’t get bogged down in clich├ęs, but manages to win over both the skilled biker as the rookie. What’s more, unlike its loud classic counterparts, the Trevor won’t draw any angry looks when you ride by – this stylish guy is particularly quiet.


Trevor’s design is absolutely striking and was based on the rugged dirt track bikes from the States. The result is an all but traditional motorbike with a minimalist look. As with many good things, the design was developed in California – but the production of the bike and the team behind the brand are entirely Belgian.

Nothing beats flying through the city with a street-legal DTRe. No queuing, no noise, no pollution… just absolute respect and unadulterated fun.

Because there is no need to change gears on this electric motorbike, the Trevor DRTe is also particularly easy to ride and accessible to those with little or no motorbike experience. What’s more, you can take it on the road with a B driving license. The Trevor DTRe has the legal 11 kW on board, which means it can also be ridden with a car license.

However, it differs from petrol-powered motorbikes in that it has massive torque. Peaking at 260 Nm, it’s even as powerful as a heavy tourer. That means you can ride smoothly in all conditions, never having to change gear, and at the same time producing no exhaust noise or emissions. The Trevor DTRe is different, built to last, exceptionally powerful and a joy to behold. It’s different and it’s available now.

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