Who’s going to save the duck?

28.05.2019 posted in News

Nightingale's client portfolio just got greener.

The news of fur becoming an abolished material within the fashion industry keeps spreading as fashion invests in cruelty-free methods. But winter is inevitable, and so is the cold. What’s to come with the ducks and gooses that get plucked or killed for their feathers? And how will fashion keep their buyers warm when the snow starts falling from the sky? Nightingale’s latest Benelux client Save The Duck might just have the answer.

An introduction: Save the Duck is a technical sportswear brand that focuses primarily on creating trans-seasonal clothing for globetrotters, but in an animal and nature-friendly way. The cruelty-free production method of Save the Duck replaces goose feathers and goose down with the most modern technology called PLUMTECH®. This fabric is warmer, better breathable and lighter than the original, and saves ducks a lot of pain.

For the upcoming seasons, Nightingale will introduce cruelty-free collections such as Save The Duck’s PROTECH, RAIN, BASICS and RECYCLED line to the Benelux. The collections will also become available for showroom loans this June.