Combining innovation, aesthetics and relevance in fashion, food, design and tech. We specialize in strategic PR, exposure and branding throughout the Benelux, with headquarters in Antwerp and Amsterdam.

Our vision

According to the Gesamtkunstwerk philosophy, we rethink the traditional agency approach by combining many creative branches at once. Because taking your brand to your consumer requires a holistic vision: it’s the sum of all efforts. As a hybrid agency, we’re able to guide brands through this process.

Our mission

We challenge convention and generate better & relevant exposure for your case through multiple touch points.

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Our methodology


Connecting the Dots
By visiting international events and trade fairs, reading the latest trends & statistic reports and working with up-and-coming talent in the industry, Nightingale keeps itself up to date on trends, culture and innovation. Furthermore, we reflect on previous cases and analyze what can be learned from them. 


Ideas from the critical mind
During this step of the process, our creative team of professionals discusses their ideas and information, funneling the best concepts and elements based on relevance and feasibility. Afterwards, the accumulation of concepts are presented to the brand, which acts as both client and consultant, to find the best contextual fit, and in collaboration, perfect it throughout the process.

the Nighintgale Lens
Experience, Intuition & Drive
Everything that Nightingale develops is a joint effort between highly entrepreneurial, ambitious professionals in the fields of design, fashion, food and tech. After the research and process phase, ideas go through this Nightingale lens; an exploration of experimentation in search of originality, resulting in a plan of attack that ensures the solicited outcome.

An Experimental 360° Project
All of this results in a layered, 360 campaign that targets a combination of bought, earned and owned media, focusing on both the physical and digital landscape. Following the Gesamtkunstwerk philosophy, Nightingale translates this into a multi-sensory experience where all elements come together through immersive storytelling and scenographic design.

Our values

Experimental Services
Nightingale believes in bringing clients to the next level through in-house industry expertise and an unconventional mindset. We value strong client relations and listen closely to your needs, while inspiring you along the way.
Our vision stems from the newest innovations and concepts around the world. We aim to inspire others with our experimental attitude and professional approach.
Nightingale brings you a carefully curated combination of trends, references and surprising combinations within the spectrum of lifestyle and culture. This way, we become opinion leaders who see eye to eye with the most demanding clients and critical peers.
We challenge our clients if needed. This is with the goal of obtaining even better results for each campaign. Moreover, we are highly self-critical, as this is crucial to provide the quality of the work Nightingale delivers.