C.P. Company crafts collection with streetwear brand Patta

21.05.2019 posted in News
CP Company Patta Collaboration

Form follows functionality in an Amsterdam-inspired collaboration for SS019

C.P. Company and Patta have joined forces to create a practical and visually enticing capsule collection for SS019. Combining C.P. Company’s expertise on garment dyeing and technical fabrics with Patta’s continuous exploration of culture and streetwear, the collaboration results in a full-look collection where form follows function.

The roots of the interaction between the Italian sportswear innovator and Amsterdam retailer turned-brand, can be found in the 2018, when the two brands met in Paris. After this first connection, Patta visited C.P. Company archive in Bologna; the colours, fabrics and vintage samples, found during this deep-dive into the brand’s rich history, formed the first inspirations for the capsule collection.

“What Massimo Osti did for sports and streetwear is unprecedented,” praises Lee Stuart from Amsterdam-based sportswear brand Patta. “During our visit to the archive, our first instinct was to find fabrics and hues that felt compatible with our Amsterdam weather. This also meant finding technical fabrics that could react well to wind and rain, but also breathe and dry quickly.”

What followed, was a near perfect design process characterized by total respect on both sides – a true collaboration between two equal partners.

“Throughout the process, we were all searching for something new that enrichened both entities and elevated existing garments and accessories,” explains Stuart. This exercise in functionality was essential to both Patta and C.P. Company and can be found throughout the collection’s garments.

C.P. Company garments like the Google Fishtail Parka, jerseys and beanies were all tested and analysed by Patta’s team. Guided by the technical expertise of Paul Harvey, C.P. Company designer, elements were added or distilled to guarantee the highest form of functionality.

Testament to this exploration can be found in the tiniest details, from the choice in water- and windproof fabrics to the placement of mesh behind zippers. Additionally, Jacket sling-styled straps were added to the fishtail parka, so it could be carried over the shoulders. This exercise in functionality was essential to both Patta and C.P. Company and can be found throughout the collection’s garments.

“For a brand with such a long and consistently strong history as that of C.P. Company, it’s always an exciting challenge to find ways to stay in touch with new generations. One of the most concrete and inspiring ways of finding that connection is through collaborations with brands and creatives that share our values but express them in different manners. Patta team had such amazing respect for C.P. Company’s story and shared our desire to reinterpret that story for this new generation,” acknowledges Harvey.

The idea of a Dutch streetwear brand like Patta, working together with a brand like C.P. Company, which has long been at the forefront of innovation in sportswear, is a sign of the times. The world has grown dense, brands have become more accessible.

“The street culture is so tied into sportswear, and I think C.P. Company can lay a very credible claim to be the father of all sportswear,” says Harvey about C.P. Company’s place in the current zeitgeist. “But the way vintage and contemporary sportswear is now mixed into streetwear, driven by a new generation of influencers, hashtags, resellers, and vintage online retailers, adds yet another layer of interpretation. And working together with Patta – yes, a retailer from Amsterdam, but one that works on a global platform – can only help us in this interpretation.”

The C.P. Company x Patta capsule collection will be available online on C.P. COMPANY and PATTA official websites and official flagship stores in London, Amsterdam and Seoul starting from April 6th, 2019.