Clothilde ‘beauty full stories’ for better skin and planet

25.02.2020 posted in News
Alex Carro Set Clothilde Shop

New Nightingale client: beauty concept store Clothilde

Nightingale is excited to announce that Belgian beauty concept store Clothilde is the newest addition to our client portfolio. Clothilde is not just your regular beauty store, because it tells ‘beauty full stories’. Founders Chloé and Dries want to grow the awareness that investing in high-quality slow beauty and conscious lifestyle brands means that you need to primarily invest in yourself, your future and your environment.  

Clothilde offers a personal experience to make conscious, honest and healthy choices. They sell natural, vegan and sustainable beauty and lifestyle products that are better for you and the planet. From Belgian brands to international players, each brand was carefully selected. On top of that, they guide you through their online and physical store with personal shopping advice to match your skin to the best beauty and skincare. Investing in your own beauty first leads to a higher quality of life.  

After winning the contest ‘Win je winkel’, or ‘Win your store’, they had the opportunity to open their own pop-up store in the center of Aalst, Belgium. Thanks to a successful first 4 months the contract of the pop-up was extended until the end of August 2020 and they are already fully engaged in continuing thereafter. Clothilde also organizes workshops where you can get to know their brands and learn how to correctly use their skincare products. 

Discover how you can even be sustainable in your beauty routine on their website.