I Sette Giorni, a new Nightingale Client

14.02.2020 posted in News
Hanbag Brand I Sette Giorni

Nightingale adds the luxury lifestyle brand to their client portfolio

I Sette Giorni is a brand by Katelijne Van Renterghem. Katelijne is a goldsmith and designer who has been designing jewelry for her brand Kà.dis for years. The jewels are made of precious metals, like silver, gold, pearls ànd leather. That’s where Katelijne got the inspiration of designing handbags as well. Her very first handbag collection was launched in 2018, consisting of elegant, timeless pieces, made of high-quality Italian leather and produced in Italy.

Katelijne will now continue designing both jewelry and handbags, both under the name of I Sette Giorni. This unique combination of jewelry and handbags is what makes her stand out of the crowd, because it means a new way of accessorizing for every woman. Wearing a matching handbag and piece of jewelry adds a new dimension of detailed fashion to an every-day look.
I Sette Giorni symbolizes 7 days of the week. The handbags are versatile and can be used at every moment of the week. But every day of the week has a different mood. That’s why every day symbolizes another color, matching mood and feeling. The handbags and jewelry will be divided into these 7 colors, so that the accessories match the mood and feeling of the day.
Discover the collection on her website: www.isettegiorni.be