26.10.2023 posted in Fashion

COS, an acronym for “Collection of Style,” is a renowned fashion label known for its distinctive blend of contemporary style, minimalism, and timeless elegance. Founded in London, this brand has earned a global reputation for offering high-quality, versatile clothing and accessories that cater to a discerning clientele.

Antwerp’s Festive Launch

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with this iconic fashion label. As their chosen creative agency for the BENELUX, Nightingale is set to infuse fresh energy into the COS stores across Antwerp and Amsterdam for the launch of their festive collection. Our team is ready to rumble and roll out the creative concept, event scenography and production

We are orchestrating a customer activation in the heart of COS’s Antwerp store. Imagine an atmosphere where style meets sound, our live DJ will be there to serenade shoppers, and on top of that we are pampering customers with complimentary drinks, ensuring they relish the COS experience to the fullest. From concept creation to event styling, DJ selection, and catering, we’re excited to see everything come together.


Festive Unveiling In Amsterdam

In Amsterdam, we’re crafting a memorable press dinner and influencer event. While the festive collection takes center stage, our team is overseeing event styling and production to create an atmosphere that captivates. The menu, a culinary delight by BAK restaurant, will receive our creative visual touch. Accompanied by delectable bites and delightful drinks, it’s an event where fashion and personal expression intertwine.