we can all do better

04.06.2020 posted in News

Re-thinking tomorrow by acting today

Last week’s atrocities and the overwhelming worldwide response leave no one unmoved. It has made all of us, individuals and companies, contemplate on our core values, what we really stand for and how we reflect that in our everyday lives.

At Nightingale, we full heartedly believe in inclusivity, welcoming open minds and fostering open communication. But more than ever we need to educate ourselves and each other.

Below, you’ll find a small list of eye-opening content to read, watch and listen to, put together by our team.

In the near future, our entire team will take part in a wokeness workshop, zooming in on key issues like white privilege, decoloniality and its irrefutable impact on today’s society. In the end, we can all do better.

Let’s go beyond that black square Insta post, and make it the beginning of something real.


Wit Huiswerk (in Dutch)
Anti-racism resources (in English)
Natives (e-book or paperback, by Akala)
Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People About Race (e-book or paperback, by Reni Eddo-Lodge)

BLM Playlist | Songs on empowerment & pride (on Spotify)

Interview w/ Olivia Rutazibwa @ Zwijgenisgeenoptie.be (in Dutch)
When They See Us (Netflix)

BLM | Petitions

BLM | Donate